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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Going forward with Heart Disease

Hoping to postpone clouds and harps for another decade at least.

I had my two week check back with the heart doctor yesterday. Heart beating with strength, pulse good. Date set for another cath procedure, safe to return to light anaerobic strength training, approved my dietary decisions for a path to the next round of serious weight loss. Discussed some scenarios for reversing the plaque problems in my arteries.

There is some serious wall and ceiling destruction going on in my kitchen area today, its going to look different in small but helpful ways.

I am traveling with Larry to Algodones Mx today for his drug run. All the seniors around here get their drugs down there.....no....not that kind of drugs silly, the legal ones. The change of pace and scenery change will be enjoyable after staying close to home for the last few weeks.


Andrew said...

Glad you are on the mend!

Bebe said...

Have you ever considered being a vegan? a...la..

McDougall? (adventist, I know) but....... &

Have you ever read
The China Study (Campbell)?
Interesting stuff in this one.....I know you are a reader.....might reverse your plaque build up?