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Monday, April 4, 2011


Lake front near Willmar, MN.

My son Matthew has headed home after flying down to visit me over the weekend. I have been charged to rest, and I am using the time for just that, relaxing, napping, reading and making plans for the next step in rehab and recovery. I might not have mentioned that the doctor is recommending another stent in the rear of the heart which I will do after Easter when the heart has had more time to heal. I have an 80 percent occlusion in the artery. Ugh!! and Praise the Lord that I will deal with this surgically without damage to the heart muscle.

I watched Second Hand Lions again, a first rate family values movie with humor and excellent story and lesson of men helping youth to understand life. Haley Joe Osment, Robert DeNiro, Micheal Caine were superb.

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Anonymous said...

I am beginning to think that you should stop having coffee or breakfast with me. I am two for three in precipitating your heart attacks. That's not a good record to hold. Get better. Many of us need and want your company and your counsel. Be blessed. John