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Friday, April 29, 2011

Goodbye slippery green apple tile

Mud and Trowel, tools of the tiler's trade.

When we bought this home 8 years ago, it had green apple carpet and dangerously slippery white tile with green apple swirls. The carpet went quickly but the tile remained until yesterday. It was the main thing we disliked about the home. We are glad we waited as we have learned so much about design as our daughter has studied interior design in college. It felt so good to walk on the new tile this morning.

Watching the tornado recovery in the south has been heart wrenching. I still love the Bible belt, all teasing to the contrary. When the Mississippi Governor uses the word "hunderds" instead of "hundreds", it brings a smile to my face. That syrupy language is part of my life experience.

When I was 16, at ball practice one spring afternoon in 1966, We took cover when we saw a tornado, which would later hit a small but busy shopping area, killing over 40 when stores collapsed. I still remember the helpless feeling huddled in the hallway of Murrah High School listening to the roar.

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Janet said...

I remember that day in '66 because you were on the phone warning mom when your coach grabbed the phone from you and yelled for you to take cover. Scary time.