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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Emergencies and the Sovereignty of God

Here is Pastor Don, wading into deep and semi stupid reflections of life and death, in over his head.

I find myself in a strange reflection. Three times in the last ten years my body had begun the process of death, oxygen was deprived from my heart and would have led to death had I not lived in a place and time where modern medicine could help me. I do not know exactly when heart cathaterizations began, but many in the fifties were sent home with damaged hearts, limited circulation, and no hope save bed rest.

My worst heart attack was the first, and I, stupidly, ignored the symptoms for seven hours. Forrest Gump said, "stupid is as stupid does". I did finally go to my doctors office, then to the emergency room, to have stents relieve my immanent death to myocardial infarction. (I know big words, but I am still stupid).

Heart attack 2 started at exactly the same time as 1, 3a.m. the heart patients dreaded hour, when the body shifts from rest to start up and repair for the new day and enzymes are released which often trigger cardiac events. This time I was more proactive, I got up, showered, woke Laura and took my own leisurely drive to the emergency room, walked up to the front desk and told them calmly I was having a heart attack.....(stupid is as stupid does). Nevertheless, medical knowledge this time used balloon angioplasty, as the blockage was in a fork of the hearts life giving arteries. (more impressive vocab from semi stupid emergency room driver).

Four weeks ago I was sitting with the man who saved me from death twice, he told me insurance frowned on stress tests without sufficient cause, so we postponed what my other surgeon said would have shown this problem and saved me from more heart damage.
....and I feel stupid. I further learned that diabetics rarely have advance outward warnings of an attack. Duh. Good reason to schedule stress tests yearly and save much money, like that spent by the teams that saved me.

What is your point, stupid? First, I could have had these clogs in the car hours from help, and would have died. Second, I live in a country and a time and have the insurance to save me three times.....Conclusion: The sovereign God has graciously allowed me to live, if I had died, all things living would have gone on after saying a respectful goodbye and I would be resting with God who saved me in Christ. I may be stupid but I am Not Whistling Dixie about God and the hope of eternal life. Blessed Resurrection Thoughts to all. God is gracious to the stupids among us.

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