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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Three times grateful

I have a problem with my heart. Genetic issues, past lifestyle issues, adult onset Type II Diabetes have combined to fill my fifth decade of life with three heart attacks. I am home from number three feeling the beating of my heart muscle and being very thankful to be alive, and not to be deathly afraid of death.

I am thankful for teams. When I called 911 at least 8 huge firemen surrounded my bed, diagnosed a problem, loaded my into the ambulance and careened through traffic. Thank you Firemen

A team of nurses, attendants and the heart surgeon who had been called by the firemen met me at the emergency room and continued diagnosis, and in 22 minutes I was on the Cath table relieving the oxygen deprivation caused by a major artery being 99 percent blocked. Thank you ER team and Dr. Klee. Thank you God for the 1 percent or I would be in a lot worse shape or gone from this world.

A team of caregivers in ICU and Telemetry that serve your every need and monitor your health aggressively. Everyone was great from food servers to physicians to the very special nurses assigned to your room. I am sure it will be expensive, but I am thankful for a great health care system, please don't screw it up Washington. The Chaplain visits and prayers were meaningful.

A team at the church office to share news, fill in for my responsibilities so I can rest and recover, and pray for me.

My family team, who love me and visit me and provide such a place of love and safety and nurture. Also my blog friends and face book friends whose kind words and prayers encouraged me.

My faith team, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and David whose Psalm 23 kept my heart and mind full of thoughts of God and the life to come, as well as a sincere hope that I can have more the life that I enjoy right now. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Don, I am glad you are home and everything went so well. Take care of yourself and give youself time to heal. I have had the experiene of going to the hospital with chest pains and it is scary. I will be thinking of you and Laura. Love, Judy

Larry said...

Don, it was a real pleasure meeting with you at the coffee shop Wednesday and hearing about your journey. I'm so glad that God decided that you will be around for more times or sharing. In 1997, I had a severe heart attack that resulted in 2 weeks in the hospital and 2 bypassess. I know the total feeling of helplessness when depending on the good doctors and nurses for care. Our Christian family is so important during such times. I don't know if John knows about this but we will pray for you today as we meet. Blessings, Larry