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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Walking through the door into weakness and frailty

The shared gravesite of Roy and Dorothy Hendricks, Barrancas Memorial Cemetary, Saufley Field Naval Air Force Base, Pensacola, FL.

When you are a pastor in a seniors community you are confronted with mortality on a regular basis. I never get used to it. People with diagnosed cancer, serious mobility issues, weary caregivers who are in their 70s, taking care of parents nearing 100. It goes on.

One of the impressions I took away from the groups of people we met on vacation was a general secularism that has filled our American mindset. People are not wicked, they are just materialistic and focused on the things that fill our lives without developing spiritual characteristics.

Aging does not allow you to be thoughtless about life and death. That is part of the blessing of my life when I get out of my car at the hospital or the nursing home. One day it will be me in the bed.

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