Hawaii 2010

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Monday, July 26, 2010

A square mile of memories

We began our vacation to the south with an evening in the French Quarter. You will find the set posted on the Flickr link, tell me if it fails to open.

When I was 15 my father and I took a business trip together. We bonded from a period of drifting on that four day trip which took us to the French Quarter for the first time.

In college, during my vain hair years I learned the Sebring cut from a stylist in New Orleans and went there several times for a hair cut.

We honeymooned in the St. Louis, where we stayed again after 35 years.....we are both worse for the wear. But it was still pretty neat.

During the Moss Point years we often went to spend a day off and eat and walk around that magic old place.

When Brian was in High School we spent a week in a firestation turned into a hotel, and without a car we walked all over the area and saw and experienced so many things.

We were here two years ago, and this year, and both times we watched the sky open up and pour at 4pm, the wet streets add to the charm.

The buildings are so beautiful, the people are so colorful, weird, desperate, funny, and sometimes threatening, but it makes for a memorable experience. Take a walk with us on Flickr, and if you ever get a chance, go there...its much more than Bourbon Street.

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Kansas Bob said...

Thanks for sharing Don. We have been to NOLA a few times - great atmosphere and wonderful food.