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Friday, July 23, 2010

Two Week Press

Now this is a great looking salad, and something we should all enjoy every day.

My idea was to set special eating and workout goals for two weeks. I always start great and then struggle when I am not having the success I had hoped for. I wander about the advisability of this kind of goal setting. I actually love watching the clock when I am walking or doing aerobic exercise, but when I limit food choices I get all cranky and out of sorts. That was the case yesterday.

I read a book on working out by Madonna's workout coach, who is quite a decent, modest and family oriented man, and he discouraged doing anything other than healthy eating and regular workouts for however long it takes, without obsessing on the scale or the results. This has actually been working for me better than the press, but I am going to finish, and be very very thankful for having this new enjoyment of physical conditioning.

I just discovered Tumbleweed has an adult lounge so I am writing this post from the quiet privacy and free wifi of the club. I added and sorted some more pictures to Flickr as well. Check them out. My Maui set is now chronological from first day to last.

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