Hawaii 2010

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Deju View all over again

Linda and Charlie love fifth wheeling. They just return from a month in the south and up to Virginia, well...that still the south, but almost not.

We are sitting at the same gate as yesterday, after a pleasant evening at the Fairfield Marriot, courtesy of American Airlines. I am really ready to return to my own bed, full of two cats who will be happy to have us back. We lost a lovely man in the church who has been ready to go for a long time, and a daily joy to his wife and family and neighbors, I will miss Ken.

Laura has just a few days before she reports back for another teaching year. I will be back at work until the final leg of our summer travels, a study and conference vacation. I am very pleased to have found the annual Labri Conference in Central California. A line of of Christian thinkers and philosophers who I will enjoy.

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