Hawaii 2010

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Finally some real pictures

Pelican and gull floating along with the boat.
Don coming in the clouds
Oak Alley, Louisiana
Shannons first Biegnet at Cafe Du Mond

Linda has a hotspot in the house so I am sitting at a keyboard for the first time on our coastal trip. We gathered with 40 faithful at the Gautier Presbyterian Church for services...the amazing thing is that they received so many gifts after Katrina they were able to build a nice new Sanctuary.

We took a side trip to Fairhope, Ala. which Laura and I decided we could move to tomorrow and love. Quaint shops, beautiful shoreline, nice homes, flowers everywhere.

All you can eat shrimp at the Shrimp Basket, which meant one refill for us, but then Dairy Queen, so help me, I slipped off the wagon!!!!!

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Kansas Bob said...

Enjoyed the pics. I liked those Biegnets at Cafe Du Mond too. Looks like you all enjoyed their cafe au lait as well.