Hawaii 2010

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fun with Zero

The second thing my sweet southern wife wanted after Cafe DuMond was a Zero Candy Bar. It is her absolute favorite because of the white chocolate coating and obviously delicious nougat.

For some reason it has not been readily available in our area of Pheonix. I have seen them on the way to Tucson. If you know of a good place to find them here let me know.

We shared two the day we spent at the Plantation, and two were purchased for the trip home, of which this photo is off the last, now in the fridge waiting for her. I have entered a two week press of healthy eating since I am heading toward the first anniversery of my commitment to regular workouts and want to get off the vacation weight gain quickly. So its hers, and I am happy she enjoys it so much. If you ever see one of these....try it. You are in for a treat.

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