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Saturday, July 3, 2010

A forgotten milestone

Plunging into year 35!!!! The minute it ceased to be a joy and becomes a job I should retire.

I was surprised by joy on a June 27th of my 17th year. I thought immediately about sharing that joy as a vocation. I got three degrees and was set apart to preach and teach on a Sunday evening June 27th, of my 26th year. Seven days later I led worship on our Nations 200th Birthday, July 4th, 1976. So, when our independence day and my anniversary of ordination coincide it is a reflective time......except for last week when I was enjoying the freedom of playing hookie from my vocation on vacation and I forgot. Am I making sense to anyone????

So...tomorrow I celebrate 34 years of being a pastor/teacher. It's big for me.

Preaching on Micah 6:8. A Fourth of July Dinner in the PM. Bar B Qued Chicken. Yum.

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