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Friday, July 16, 2010

Could This Be Happening?

Wise saying...in flying....two strikes and you are out of my plans.

Well, we enjoyed our first Airline mandatory overnight stay, were up at five, taken back to the New Orleans Airport, boarded a plane and flew uneventfully to Dallas. We boarded the plane for Phoenix at 9:45 am, sat in the very last row next to the engine, saw a discussion taking place up front, and....twice in two days days a fully loaded plane was taken out of service. My granddaughter was getting a little upset as she missed her mom. So we deplaned again.

This time since we were in American Airlines hub they fetched a replacement and we finally made in home an hour and a half late. That's two broken planes in two days...it took four planes to make two flights. Yes, I know braking before you take off is better than braking while your flying!!!!!!! but, I may just pass American Airlines up in my flying plans for a while. Two strikes your out.

We are home, the cats are excited as cats can be, which is not very. We are excited to be around familiar things. I miss coffee out of real mugs.

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