Hawaii 2010

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Very special place

One month ago today I spent an hour in one of the most charming and beautiful spots in the world, and way up on the list in my world. The home of Puff the Magic Dragon…..the Hanalea Bay, Kauai. It’s calm, idyllic, filled with history, and on the Sunday Afternoon we stopped by, was filled with trucks backed up to the beach providing shade for family outings.

The pier, featured in the film South Pacific has changed little. The sign posted No Diving from the Pier has the No crossed out, and a picnic bench was providing the platform for the jumpers and divers to enjoy the water. This was the fourth time I have visited here. The last time Laura and I were almost alone on the beach several years ago. You take it as you find it.

While eating lunch a line of white Trucks and Vans passed...the crew of Pirates of the Carribean for moving to set up location for the next scenes in the movie. I will be eagerly awaiting it...the plot...finding the fountian of youth.

One of my favorite metaphysical movies, What Dreams May Come, pictures the entrance of those who pass in a favorite place till they get used to the dynamics of spiritual life. I would be very pleased to be “sittin’ by the Dock of the Bay” as my first stop.

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Redlefty said...

Beautiful pics and writing!

What Dreams May Come is a favorite of mine as well.