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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Preaching about the Ocean

All of the major components of this marvelous planet earth work in harmony to provide for the manifold creation of God. The Moon, The Stars, the Streams and Rivers that flow into the Sea.

This past month I spent many happy moments looking at and listening to the ocean as it crashed upon one shore or another. We sat and stared at the Mississippi Gulf every morning while we drank our coffee on the front porch.

Much discussion not only about the economic problems associated with the spill, but the ecological even more so. Our oceans are so important to life and its sustenance.

We observed a desperate search for a missing snorkeler near black rock in Maui as a rip current swept a wife and mother away. The ocean is unforgiving when we are caught in her currents, waves, winds, and crushing surf.

And yet, the sea shall give up her dead one day, which I am sure means God's memory of those lost at sea. How many, many, there are. Yet God knows them all. I also remember the calming of the storm, which Jesus did to teach His disciples that much of his power was to be hidden and subjegated to His mission of mercy.

As one raised in the middle of the country, the ocean was a rare experience for me, and now, in my golden years, I cherish every moment I get to watch a sunset or a sunrise against the vast blue sea.

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