Hawaii 2010

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Delivered by a good report

My friend Larry and I transport the bag lunches prepared at our church office. We travel through an Indian reservation, speed limit 35. We were chatting away and entered the 45 mph warning before the 35 sign and we got pulled over doing 58 in a 45zone.

I felt really bad as the Officer went back to his car and pulled his ticket pad. But before he did that he asked why we had the truck filled with water? "We take lunch and water to the Pheonix Rescue Mission twice a month". He wrote on his pad, Larry was stoic about it, we messed up, we pay a price.

He returned with a warning but no ticket. We both knew he was lenient on this mission of mercy. Thank you Lord.

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Kansas Bob said...

Thanks for sharing this Don. Cops don't always get a pat on the back when they do something nice like this.