Hawaii 2010

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

That rings a bell

Three of four "old" children of Roy and Dorothy Hendricks

Laura's car sat for over three weeks, and was running very badly when we filled it with gas at our regular place. The Dealership could not figure out what it needs and recommended two things, which rang a bell. Thankfully Laura has been filing our repair history and both those things were done 15 months ago. I feel a bit funny about the repair facility not knowing the cars repair history. I think I will look for a repair place closer to our home. They did recommend some better gas to be run through the car.

I was pleased to have a web presence as two friends were able to find me through a google search.

Not much going on today. I have many vacation pictures for you to enjoy on my Flickr link. Many sunrises and sunsets, which fascinate me immensely.

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