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Saturday, July 17, 2010

By what standard you judge, you will be judged

One of Walter Anderson's Murals in Ocean Springs, MS

We have expanded Shannons experiences in this wonderful country.

The several unpleasant things that happened over the last month of traveling all involved people losing their temper and showing it publicly. One man waiting in line to try to get a flight out of New Orleans was so angry he kept cursing loudly and once I heard him say "I wish I was dead". He must have been missing something important.

After many decades of life, I still stumble the worst when I am made to wait in line or feel things around me are being poorly handled. My low point was when the same man who told me the plane was canceled and seemed to cast the crowd to their own devices, negotiated with a man in our line for over a half hour about his choices. I was steaming and Laura pointed out that this is a poor trait.

After getting home safely I should really be thankful that the people who decide to fly or not to fly are putting safety over comfort and scheduling. I apologize for letting my anger flow through my heart and this blog. The airline industry has been kicked in the teeth ever since the shoe bomber and 9-11.

I am not leading service tomorrow. When I made my original plans for the south, it was for a long golfing and personal time alone trip and I would still be in Pensacola. When Laura and Shannon decided to come it changed everything since Laura had to get back. It was all very good. This whole extended vacation gift from my leadership was a blessing. We have seen and enjoyed this time so deeply. I have so many wonderful times of visiting and sightseeing and laughing and relaxing and being amazed that as time passes they will be even more sweet to my mind and heart.

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