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Monday, July 19, 2010

Getting off the vacation weight gain

Too many McDonalds french frys, all you can eat fried shrimp, jambalaya, chips, etc. make the need for a rededication to the program. My exercise has been real consistent for many months so I decided to try a two week press, I am eating only fruits, veggies, and proteins. Day three is done and it is going well, plus I added one hour daily exercise for the two weeks to see how I do.

We are still being helped by the series of Books with really cool pictures. Eat this, not That and Cook this not that. We were really enjoying the steamed vegatables that hit the market last year....until the price started to go up. Now they have steam bags for sale you can dump fresh or frozen veggies in and get that steamed and buttered taste.

Tonights grilled chicken was also enhanced with Stubbs Texas Barbeque Sauce, with one fourth the amount of sugar in the other store brands. Very spicy and with more vinegar taste, we loved it. Laura heads back to prepare for another school year so I am gearing up to be the evening cook again. My meals are bland, simple and boring.
A meat, a veggie, a salad. The stuff of life and health.

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