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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Epic National Park Fail!!

One year ago today we turned innocently into the gate at Hawaii Volcano National Park on the big Island. It took over two hours of sightseeing to get there and we were excited, and shocked to see a State Trooper in process of shutting it down. The whole American National Park system closed that morning at the orders of the President.

The ranger apologized sheepishly and allowed us to enter the park, asking that we find a place to turn around. It allowed us to stay for half an hour and take a few pictures of the caldera and see some steam vents. Laura wanted to keep driving but I am too much of a law abiding man to feel good about that. So we were steamed about it that week, all week. And sad for the people staying in the hotel inside the park who had probably made reservations years ahead and were told to pack up and leave that morning.

One of my relatives was there yesterday and all the feelings of being cheated for low governmental objectives have returned. Let's close the symbols of America's stories and beauty and history and patriotism to show them they can't stop us from spending money we don't have. Let's make them hurt. (My take on the issues, strictly personal and slightly biased).

So......we just have to go back soon, and thanks to my beloved congregation for the anniversary trip, it was not your fault we chose that week.
Who knew???

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