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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Farewell Tom W

You cannot think of Tom without Mabel. She was the talker of the two, yet they were one voice. He cared for her so faithfully till her passing a bit over a year ago. He was already losing his sharpness during her last days, and finally he is at rest.

Another of our greatest generation entered into rest.

He loved the Navy and his service. He loved his career in Chemical Engineering. He loved traveling, flying, golfing, and enjoying his family.
In later years just getting out each day for a late lunch in our cafeteria was a great experience for them. Mabel and Tom were friends of our local library who worked tirelessly to get a new building for our community.

Interested in everything, interesting in all ways. Makes me wonder what reunions are like over on the other side. They danced their way through a long and joyful journey.

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