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Thursday, October 2, 2014

One year ago we swam with Manta Rays

The interesting thing about Hawaii the Big Island is that compared to the others it is big. After our epic park fail we drove on around the bottom of the island to Hilo, the other port city in Hawaii. We did our Hilo Hattie visit, ate lunch in a very nice restaurant, and as the sun began to set we headed across the center of the island. For many years this road was little for than a WWII access point to the Volcanos. Rental Cars were forbidden to use it, but in recent years it was made quite safe for crossing the island in the middle.

However, if it is drizzling and foggy and you are doing it for the first time it was quite full of tension. We could not see far enough ahead to watch for turns in the road.

Full day one ending that way was so exhausting that day two was spent driving locally, scouting out snorkeling waters, and resting at our Condo in preparation for the Manta Dive.

A year ago when I shared the story I concentrated on how difficult it turned out to be and how much salt water I injested. A year later, I just remember being touched stomach to stomach with a huge one tone sea creature just happy to be feeding with us and providing a lively evening for us chickens of the sea.

We even saw the original manta whose broken jaw caused him to feed under a harbor spotlight and created a healthy evening business for forty or fifty companies.

Memories of the islands are so dear and rich for us. If Hawaii does not do it for you, find someplace on this beautiful land that does, and go see it.

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