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Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday fun

Laura during a black sand beach stroll a year ago last week. Sweet memories.

A big scramble for available golf courses in our area as they close to overseed the green winter rye. We played an executive course nearby and enjoyed a scruffy game with an almost scalped fairways and poorly conditioned greens.

Occasionally I get passionate about the sound quality and comfort of my music devices. I love my UE boombox for a tiny footprint and full sound on the back porch. I enjoy both of my bluetooth earphones which set me free to put my phone down when working out and have free movement.

Just bought the Amazon ear buds at an introductory price. They are black, with a ribbon cord which prevents tangling, and the coolest magnet that holds the ear phone together when storing.

I also understand what they were doing in the design, a bit bigger than the Ipod earbuds because you cannot push them deeper into your ears for a snug fit. They are designed to sit in your ear comfortably, and I like them.

The sound is full and rich, about all you could ask from a 15 dollar purchase. Go Amazon.

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