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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Weight Watchers Report

Today marks one month of using Weight Watchers for men online. The first two weeks I ate mainly from picture menus on the fast start menu. I saw them, cooked them, and did not know how many points I was consuming. This was fun and effective but it would have helped to know how those pictures and portions were pointed, because in the last two weeks I am wondering about portion size and points because I have a lot to learn about how the points create healthy meals, fill you up, and yet cause a steady loss of weight.

This on the backdrop of the inevitable slow down from the first two to the last two weeks. Am I slipping? How am I doing now that I am eating out more? This on the backdrop of a new medication I am taking that has caused a dramatic drop in my blood suger and is supposed to help me lose weight a bit faster. The doctors scale a week ago said I was down seven pounds. Eight a month should make me elated, but why not more??? This is the fractured thinking of an overeater on a diet.

On the scale tomorrow, and no matter what it says I am here for the duration as a lifestyle change, not a temporary diet, my motto is the literal translation of what my cardiologist said more politely last month. "LOSE WEIGHT OR DIE, SUCKER".

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