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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My Cousins Trip

Laura at the entrance to Shipwreck Beach, the first walk after we checked into the Point at Poipu, years ago.

Brooke and Kathleen took a four island cruise of the Hawaiian Islands last week, sent back some great pictures. It culminated with a renewing of vows for Brooke and her husband on their 31 wedding anniversary on Shipwreck Beach in Kauai, one of our favorite spots on the planet.

I have known these girls since they were adopted by my Aunt and Uncle and have seen them through some thick and thin times. Loved their pictures and thought how great it is to take the trip of a lifetime with six family members to enjoy it together.

We have never done the cruise type vacation but I saw how cool it was to do one or two trips all catered on each island to get the flavor of each one. The Volcano on Hawaii, Road to Hanna on Maui, Pearl Harbor in Oahu, and the Napali Coastline by helicopter on Kauai.

Brooke said when she goes back she wants to see more of Kauai, and Laura and I agree

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