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Friday, October 24, 2014

40 year Rainbow Acres Anniversery Trip

Kids growing up and making up fantasy, its all good.

I am taking a minivan full of folks up the hill about 2 hours to have a 40th anniversary Banquet. This home for special adults was started by Ralph Shows who is still alive. The compelling part of the story was an accident while bringing one of the early buildings to the land that caused the electrocution loss of both arms. Now a physically handicapped pastor who struggled all his life with dislexia is building a permanent home for men and women who would lead lonely lives in the full time care of family.

We have been involved with them for the life of our church. Some of our members helped build the modern new homes for ten residents that dot a really beautiful campus. They have gardening, art, music, horse back riding, hiking, worship, and for some employment in the local town.

Pictures to come, safe trip ahead hopefully.

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