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Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday is a workday

Three of my best friends from both college and seminary. John on the left, died at 55, don't know why or how. Johnny, the funniest man I have ever known, did not go into ministry but construction, the church would have chewed him up and spit him out. Tommy, gentle Tommy died in a car accident in his thiries after marrying a woman and promising to help raise her kids. He was not at fault, but was a victim of another persons driving mistake. sad.

One of my pastor friends just Facebooked about how he loves Monday. He must have continued the time honored tradition of taking mondays off as a pastoral sabbath to recoup from the busy weekend.

It never worked for me for a number of reasons so I quit it decades ago for a bit of a looser schedule. If nothing comes up Fridays are my day off. It fits better with golfing buddies. I am through with office work and thinking about the message in a relaxed mode. Saturdays are chore and clean up the house days for my working wife and I, if she can catch me, and Saturday evening through Sunday afternoon I am in full fledged heart and mind preparation.

Things usually come up on the day when the congregation gathers that should and can be dealt with Monday. I can set my mind to another week and plan what and where I need to be and what meetings I have to prepare for. All in all Monday through Thursday office and planning Friday a Saturday two days of different schedule. Sunday is for the practice of my primary gifting. Teaching about the Good News.

Of course those of you who believe a minister only works one hour a week can ignore all the above.

Those of you who labor in physical sweat and toil 40 hours a week, yes, you do work harder than I do.

Those of you who own businesses and work 60 to 80 hours a week to survive and thrive. My heart is with you, but you also work harder than I do.

Those of you who can leave your work at the office and relax completely without anything on your mind. I work harder than you, because I am always on call, and my life and my behavior never take a vacation, even on the golf course where cussing should be allowed.

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