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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Rapture Fever again

Ah, for the desert dweller there is no enjoying the fall and bracing for winter. We instead look for the fall and fully enjoy our largely shirt sleeve winter. Our backyard oasis is feeling comfortable for a longer time each day.

It's deja vu all over again for the rapture ready crowd of believers. They have a new movie to scare people into the kingdom with. Reviews so far are not good, and I will again choose not to see it in the theatre.

Many good and faithful people have studied and grown up in a theological system called dispensationalism. They believe Daniel's last seven years are floating around in history waiting to find just the right prophetic moment to kick start the end of the world.

Instant removal of true believers in an unknown secret time but highly anticipated moment, will dissapear. In case of rapture this car, train, plane, cruise ship, etc will be unmanned.

While I believe that history has purpose and telios, ending, I do not share in this view with much enthusiasm for many reasons, none of which I will share without being asked.

I will enjoy my backyard oasis instead. I hope my questioning of the rapture will not leave me behind if I was wrong. In case of rapture, this comfy chair will be unmanned.


KC Bob said...

NT Wright weighed in on the rapture.

"Paul’s mixed metaphors of trumpets blowing and the living being snatched into heaven to meet the Lord are not to be understood as literal truth, as the Left Behind series suggests, but as a vivid and biblically allusive description of the great transformation of the present world of which he speaks elsewhere."


Don Hendricks said...

Amen to NT Wright and his vision of the future Kingdom.