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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Carpet Cleaning Day, Serioiusly!

Seriously loving my new clear glass shower, including the extra minutes it takes to squee gee the water off the glass and tile every morning.

Next month Laura and I will have owned our present home for eleven years. It is the third home we purchased in the last twenty five years and we have enjoyed it very much. Homes are expensive to upkeep and repairs on a twenty five year old home. When we came the house has bright green apple carpet, (seriously green) so the first thing we did was buy a new cream colors berber carpet. It took a decade for us to replace the slippery white and apple green tile, (seriously slippery), and over the years we have done a number on the carpet, including puke kitty, (seriously a puking cat), so today our yearly attempt to clean the carpet takes place during Laura's fall break.

Spent the early morning jamming furniture in the halls and bathrooms. Laura has announce that we are going Japanese with the shoe removal at the door after this. (seriously, whatever!!!!)

I love this woman who loves a clean and tidy house, it makes us look seriously good.

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Bernadette Howell said...

Actually, a clean and tidy house does make you look good. That’s why it’s nice to know that Laura loves to clean. Furniture, especially carpets, are really difficult to clean. But there are a lot of special products and cleaning materials available out there that you guys could try. Thanks for sharing this with us, Don. Have a great day!

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