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Friday, October 17, 2014

Thinking about correction

We briefly went back to our college home church during a time of under employment. It was difficult hanging with rich christians when we were struggling with rent and food. God was good, and we got through that tough time.

Who gets to do the correction, when correction is needed? A Seattle pastor just faced a life correction for his leadership habits, another acquaitance lost his job after moral failure.

The Protestant Reformation was a major correction of the Roman Church system 500 years ago. Protestants have no pope, so how does correction of leaders who are off message and off path, or followers who are not living out their faith with integrity.

We call it church discipline and mostly it is never really done because wrongdoers just leave the church without being corrected. It's a problem. Independent churches have no system to correct the moral or theological errors of its leaders for most part, and people get led astray all the time.

My personal belief is that a free press and free discussion are a modern method of bringing correction within theological systems and churches. People who think we are off message write about it, and people read and discuss and pressure begins to mount that something must change.

It's a positive sort of peer pressure. Which is why you have to encourage questions in the art of interpreting scripture and developing lifestyles in modern culture. Did we properly understand this text, may it have cultural limitations that change the application for today? Not easy to do, and discerning the times and seasons is important.

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