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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lava is new land which disturbs old land

This is the newest black sand beach on Hawaii. So beautiful with the waves crashing the shore.

We are watching the lava flow on the big island with fascination. Each island owes its very existence to volcanic activity long ago, so they have to be at peace with the youngest island still sounding off. Last year we traveled down 130 to the place where the last big flow stopped. They have some nice beer gardens welcoming the tourists, and then a 3/4 mile hike across the lava field with the beginnings of cracking apart and with many plants exerting their might by working throug the lava to create a future lush forest.

The beach at the end of the walk contains sandy areas where the government has planted many coconuts that are rooting for future trees. Then, a beautiful black sand beach forming at oceans edge, which will we were told last 20 t0 30 years before the brown sand overcomes the volcanic sand.

We know many will lose homes, but they or someone else will rebuild, its the way of nature and of life.

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