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Thursday, October 9, 2014

In the year 2000.....

In the year 2000 fear based religion manifested it's presence among the believers I served in Queen Creek. Fed by books and articles from all over and from the strange truth that computers were not equipped to turn over a new century, the Y2K bug joined a long history of belief in a seven thousand year life span for planet earth. I observed folks stocking up on survival supplies and of course the left behind movies followed.

I am thankful for all that because it was the impetus for me to study lots of things for myself, and eventually led me further out of man made religion and into the embrace of a loving God. If I am going to cherry pick verses, which is what fear based religion does, then I choose to cherry pick the verse which says, perfect love casts out fear, for fear has to do with punishment.

Anyhow, the breakthroughs I have made have had an observable effect on my daily life, in spite of the fact that my health issues may indicate that I not live to average life expectancy. I have become very much more interested in life, in beauty, in truth, and in humanities good side instead of gloom and doom and our evil side and satan's constant power to trip us up.

Fear based religion wanted it all to be over and please lift me out of here, the world is not my home. My faith says, let your light shine, and enjoy the beauty, truth, and love and service you have been blessed with. I will handle the next step in your journey after death. Live fully and completely and abundantly and joyfully. Pray for the places where evil is in control, and try to end it or at least pray and oppose the evil.

I still remember Dennis Prager, Jewish conservative who said his people had all the money in the banks, and do you really think a Jew is going to let someone or something seperate him from his money? Funny.

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Donna B said...

Pastor Don: Your words express my feelings about life and appreciation for this life and all that we are blessed with. The fourth paragraph says it all for me. You said it so well. Thank you. Donna B