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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Computer, Computer?

Blast from the past, our first TV, 21 inches with rabbit ears and five or six channels. Those were the days.

Words from the hilarious Star Trek IV movie where Scotty picks up an Apple mouse and speaks into it. He has traveled into the past and forgets that we still have to used graphical interfaces to talk to our computers.

We are not there yet, although our smart phones are supposed to be conversation ready. Key in the very funny I phone commercial where a man wants to break up with Siri, who has become a bit maudlin in her attachments to the owner. Very funny.

For me, my present day to day office laptop is recharging poorly and indications are I need a new battery, and a key which was responding poorly is now officially broken and sticks up at an angle but still works well enough to type.

Then last week I was informed that our modem ip address was hacked by someone and we had to pay for cleaning and protection. sheesh.

Then the cord on my five year old laptop which I use for backup and to enjoy picture viewing because it has a 17 inch screen has stopped charging at all, so I must determine if it is the cord or the pc power connection.

Then, my windshield cracked and it has taken two days of hassle to arrange a repair, which has nothing to do with computers, but a lot to do with my daily frustration level.

Such is life in the land of the free, and it is way better than fending of ISIS and hoping Ebola goes away, that is serious stuff.

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