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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Wrong move

I scuffed a chip shot yesterday and in a moment of frustration jerked my body left to try and affect the shot, which is impossible. What was possible is that I pulled my hip joint and have been in pain for over a day now.

Spent Saturday assembling furniture from a kit, small chest of drawers that will serve as a bedside table in our guestroom. Took over three hours and the final adjustments were a bugger. Todays photo shows the results. This is where you will stay if you come visit us from out of town. Love to have you experience a desert winter.

We are enjoying a quiet anniversery, as all Saturdays tend to be on my final day of preperation for Sunday. Dinner at Brio was fabulous. Delicious seafood with an italian flaver. Laura had salmon on a bed of sweet potato cubes and veggies and I had the shrimp and lobster over linguini. A feast.

Pain or not, working on the message to the seven churches in asia minor for tomorrow.

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