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Monday, January 27, 2014

My Grammy Observatons

50 years ago, I welcomed the British Invasion of the Beatles and the Dave Clark Five and to a lesser degree the Rolling Stones, added them to my love of the Beach Boys and the many musical voiced of the 60s and 70s. Last night was sort of like a long church service that paid homage to all the major forms of music that have influenced us, and sometimes they tried to blend those styles rather unsuccessfully.

My major problem is that all the songs sounded muddy and I could barely hear the lyrics. The weirdness of the night seemed more apparent than usual, and I am sure some really good music was honored.

The marriage ceremony was over the top....this is our world and we make the rules and we decide whats right and wrong.

Music is a very powerful and beautiful gift to all of us. I love all kinds of music styles, I would pray that none of my sons grow up to be cowboys, or country western singers, and oddly, lovers of hip, hop and/or rap music.

I love classical music but it keeps me awake demanding I listen carefully.

I love the instrumental music mostly called new age or ambient music and use it to mask my tinnitus....which may be why all the music sounded muddled last night.

God bless the two remaining Beatles, God bless Yoko Ono who as a widow has been well taken care of by her lovers estate.

Why does Christian Music not have a place in the evening? Why not World Music? Hawaiian, Celtic.

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