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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Swing away more carefully

Seeing volcanic black sand was everything I hoped it would be, so very cool to know that black sand beaches are all eventually reclaimed by the brown sand of deep blue sea.

Looking on You Tube to find a golf swing that I can use that puts less stress on my aging hips and lower back. Lots of advice for the senior golfer to sift through. I really was a student of the golf swing and wanted to understand how to get my swing working the best for me. We will see.

Thinking about all the Super Bowl weekends in my past and how this hype about Americans love affair with football creates for me an almost surrealistic feeling of American unity, that really does not amount to much after the commercials are aired and the score is settled and the team goes to Disneyworld. We are united about little else.

I always try to sample a young artist after they reach Grammy success. This years 5 dollar Amazon download was Sarah Barielles latest CD. Includes her hit Brave, its a fine set of songs and her voice stands out.

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