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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Amazing Mike

They used to keep the Liberty Bell out where you could touch it, I did, and it was memorable.

I went to seminary with Mike. He was one of many who came out of Southern univerities like Ole Miss, Auburn, Alabama. We bible college guys thought they were party schools, and most of these men had experience in college ministries and in reality had a tougher time walking the walk than we bible college types did, although my college was full of regular folks as well.

Anyhow, Mike graduated and took a church and we lost touch. It was years later when I discovered that he had struggled in that first ministry, resigned under some depression, and descended into full fledged alcoholism that rendered him miserable, unemployable and incapable of much more that sitting on a couch feeling miserable.

Long story short, it took some time, and a reexamination of his theology to break the power of addiction, and led him to a late life ministry with two well known spiritual leaders in helping people overcome addictive behaviors.

I though about him because of the seven church messages in Revelation-the overcomers are the ones who deal with their challenges through the power of the indwelling Christ.

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