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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mega Church Sadness

When I moved to tiny Gilbert in 89, there were church plants everywhere as it was the fastest growing city in the nation for a while. One of the success stories in my neighborhood was Superstition Springs Community Church, a seeker sensitive church plant that grew to 600. The pastor got cancer and had to resign in 2004.

In 2005 a new pastor came, changed the name, and wanted to be a Christ Centered, Mission outreach, serving type of church. Instead of, what's in it for me, the emphasis was on how I can serve a needy world. It worked, and grew over the last 9 years to over 6000 members, more in attendance. All kinds of good things going on.

I went last year and told everyone that if I was free it would be my chosen place of worship.

The Pastor resigned recently after confessing multiple acts of sexual infidelity with members, and people are hurt, wondering how this sincere man could be so hypocritical, and the church is scrambling to go forward, his wife is hoping to save their marriage and it made the news locally.....and I am sad. What was he thinking?

No analysis to follow, I would not know how to pontificate on this story.

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