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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A rejoinder

Bell like flower from my photo walk.

I must add the fact that my observations about the Grammy's only included the last half of the show. I missed Beyonce and her hubby and I did not see Katy Perry doing the Witchcraft thing. The whole evening may have had a darker vibe than I want to easily affirm.

I will not renounce all worldly music like the fundies did, it was a form of legalism that did more harm than good. When Martin Luther took a bar song to sing A Mighty Fortress it sort of blows the whole worldly tune thing out of the water. Sound and harmony and chord and dischord are all sounds and God created the vibrations that create the pleasure of sound, the effectiveness of vocal communication, and the enchantment of vocal singing. Amen, sing it again brother. All instruments, be they drum like, string like, flute like, horn like or bell like, are gifts of Gods granting men and women the creativity to create sounds that create music.

Psalms talks of a whole lot of instruments used by the people of God to sing and play praises to God.

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