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Monday, January 6, 2014

Finally feeling human again

So proud of Zach Johnson, a man of faith and small stature who conquered one of the longest courses the pga play with his grit and finess. I am so enchanted by those hawaiian islands and jeolous of the men on the tour who start the year with their families with an extended time in paradise. I heard that Matt Kuthur and family will be staying of three islands during this trip to catch some surfing on the Big Island after Maui and Oahu. Fun

I am back from a few days of not being able to think clearly. I have been reading an autobiography of the faith journey of Anne Lamont and saw that she agrees that a really bad cold can be as debilitating as a serious illness at times.

I picked up this book, "Travelling Mercies" on super sale a while ago and am finding what a gifted writer she is, and how gracious God is to seek and save people with such backgrounds as her where faith and belief where held in such suspicion by her surroundings and family. She is able to take a memory from her life and fill it with word pictures that create absolute wonder in your mind.

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