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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pete Seeger was an entertainer, social activist

Guitar pickin country gospel and folk music are close cousins.

Apparently he was declared a commie by refusing to answere questions at the McCarthy Trials. Hollywood is still smarting over the repercussions of the McCarthy era where it appeared to target artists and creative people as left wing commies.

Seeger saw himself as a social activist who really believed that brothers and sisters could and should love each other. "I wanna sing about love between my brothers and my sisters, all over the world."

Read an article about his wealth, which he was generous with, but unable to control because of the success of his musical career.
The McCarthy trials labeled him a communist, and I have no way of assessing that.

In the months following pentecost the haves in Jerusalem sold things to support the folks who were staying extended periods of time to be discipled in the way of the risen Jesus,...that was not socialism or communism, it was love.

Free enterprise has been proven to lift the standard of living of every nation that gives opportunity to all people.

The socialist dream of income equality or the communist dream of taking from those who have to support those who have not has produced the most violent, abusive and murderous eras of human history. Its crazy to believe we can go that way and prosper, but these are crazy times we live in.

P.S. Dear folks from Dixie, thinking about your cold freezing icy week....hang in there.

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