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Thursday, January 16, 2014

On reviews of businesses.

January 2007 Honolulu at the Memorial Bowl.

I was making a reservation for a restaurant that we had enjoyed several years ago, and there were some less than positive recent reviews. I changed my mind on eating there.

Almost every business you try to locate on line gives the opportunity to see what people have experienced.

I needed to go to my local verizon store, and sure enough there were negative comments on the service offered, which has never happened to me in that store before.

So, this visit, I had a long, long wait when it seemed that hardly anyone was in the store...and I wondered if the store had changed or that the comments were self fulfilling.

I personally would rather brag about a great place that complain about a problem, it could be they were having a bad day or I caught them on dinner break, which I in fact did.

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