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Friday, January 3, 2014

The Three Stage Miserable Cold

My Kitty does not really watch TV, I was playing with the settings on my small camera the other night to get a fisheye look.

I brought a bug into the new year. One of those colds that goes from head to throat to chest. Yesterday I just rested and allowed the TV to provide entertainment, along with a really good time travel novel I got on Kindle for free. Billed itself as a young adult, time travel, historical, crime and murder mystery and it really held up to the bargain.

There is no joy in Tuscaloosa this morning at the might Tide got rolled last night. Not a storied ending for the fine quarterback. But losing is good for you on occasion.

Today I will try not to infect my friends as I get some sunshine down at the Duke playing a round of golf.

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