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Monday, January 13, 2014


Hiking down to this beach took every ounce of my strength, and it was worth it.

This week will mark the beginning of my fifth year at Tumbleweed Recreation Center. It is the place where I purchase at my own time and expense....healthcare. The three times or on a good week four times I drive, enter, exercise, and stretch are an investment in the tone and function of my body.

I am still in need of physicians and expensive treatments since I have plaque problems that block my arteries. There may not be a natural way to deal with my health issues. I am convinced already that the investment in moving, stretching and lifting heavy objects has paid off in dividends of looking and feeling younger and being active in hiking, golfing, walking, chores etc.

Somehow, this personal healthcare needs to continue catching on across all age and income sectors of our country. Preventative medicine is so important to begin to keep healthcare costs down.

Safety nets needed, gourmet plans for nothing or next to nothing, not so easy. This issue can break our economy even more if we are not careful...just sayin. We live in dangerous and confusing times with government takeovers of private sector healthcare.

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