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Sunday, January 26, 2014

A month of Sundays

So much of our life is the routines of doing chores to keep ourselves in clean duds. When the picture is over 30 years old and you realize your wife spent yesterday doing wash, then the big picture of marriage as a mutual contract in which sometimes the wife carries the most necessary but unromantic duties....and I love her for it.

I mean by that title, that January is almost over and time is flying again.

I bought a Stephen King Novel I had never heard of....Lesey's Story, and within a few pages I was interested in the characters and the story. That is his gift, and while I have stayed away from his super scary stuff I find his normal novels to be as hauntingly good as his short stories and the movies made from them that have entertained us for a long time.

Enjoyed out grandchildren all weekend, lots of movies and relaxing together.

Enjoyed taking a quick look at the churches in Revelation, still holding the book at arms length so I don't go nuts with it.

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