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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Not waiting for the end of the world

My author friend Julie Ferwerda has a fine post on hospice care and dying and she introduces an old Jewish saying. Tikkun Olam. which means Heal the World. It shares the same theme as another book I read recently that says, at the bottom line, in reversing the effects of Adams curse through the second Adam, "we are our brothers keeper".

So, for me, that means I must develop my own plan for going forward next week, and not get sucked into the worldview of whomever is weeping or rejoicing after the election campaign of 2012.

I have a far higher calling and much deeper purpose, one that thrives in good times and bad, one that can walk right into the valley of the shadow of death and fear no evil. I am a member of the Kingdom of God, and it embraces the world in all its brokeness and brings a message and an action the Jews called Tikkun Olam, I am here to heal the world and to be healed in the process.

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Julie Ferwerda said...

Thanks for that thought Don. It's true that we need not get caught up in the minutiae. There's an election? ;) Much love bro!