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Friday, November 9, 2012

Why I blog instead of posting on facebook

I love this picture. Laura got too close to the edge of the volcanic shore and got drenched by a crashing wave. We were on a day long trek and would not even allow her to go home and change.

Facebook frustrates me because people do not have enough room to put in the backstory. Yesterday a friend I no longer see in my present life said she was in a relationship, and I did not even know she was out of her old one, the one that produced her family.

She represents a growing subset of folks I know who have walked away from her old way of life in church to find meaning and freedom and it seems that the freedom comes with a high cost.

I cherish the freedom of faith and often chomp at the bit against legalists who try to spy out my freedoms and repress them with petty mores, but at the same time there are some ledges that we can fall from that really impact the lasting foundations of love and commitment to God.

Facebook allows you to announce you are in a relationship, but breaking vows is still breaking vows, and I am sad for all involved.


Kansas Bob said...

Not too many blog or read blogs any more. They prefer the interactive nature of FB instead. I have to admit that FB is a better place to have a dialog. No Captcha required to comment and blog responses can often take days.

Anonymous said...

Don, Perhaps she was walked away from and has managed to put her life backtogether and allowed hersefl to risk another relationship. For a mother there are so many considerations to make before allowing another person into the family group. Maybe her children are old enough for her to have time and space for another relationship. Sometimes announcing a relationship is a way of saying I am whole again.
Love, Judy Sometime you and Imust takl about my journey through relationships

Don Hendricks said...

You are right Bob, I will continue to use both until the blog readership goes completely south.

Judy, this summer in Florida. The person I spoke of was expressing profound marital love just weeks ago. I am defending the till death do us part vow as a better option. I am not judging, just sad.