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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The joys of E reading

I consider myself a lifelong student, a lifelong learner. I read when I get moments free from other duties, I read early and late, I read when sitting with Laura and watching something she likes and I am OK with on TV but not that interested in.

I have collected books my whole life, and it was big last month to let almost half my library go on to others. Ran out of shelf space, and needed to let those books that would not be consulted again go on to other hands.

In the near 2 years since I bought the Kindle I have purchased and read 70 or so titles, and have several bible translations available as well. Its just too quick and easy to switch between books.

When my Kindle died of pixel failure I just replaced it with the paperwhite Kindle, and now the backlit screen adds to my reading pleasure since it came a few days ago. It is lighter, and easier to bring along than the tablet computer, and the touch screen makes navigation a breeze. To have all 70 titles in the Amazon Cloud means I can be selective to what is and is no longer loaded. Amazon prime has a large lending library. It's all good, and I hope intellectual property will find a way to make E books profitable for the writers as well.

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