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Saturday, November 3, 2012

See you in another life, brutha!

I have been watching Lost reruns a bit during my recuperation from this lung infection.
This line is repeated several times between Jack and the Australian friend Desmond. It is in many ways the theme of the series. Is the island a purgatory, a place where people are purged of weakness through trial and the necessity of putting the needs of others above out own? Does love win?

Life is a test in many ways, and next week half the voting population with be elated and half deflated but everyone of us will keep on keeping on the next day and the next, unless of course Dec. 21st is the end of the world.

For Sunday communion service I have been reading the creed and writings of ancient scholar Athanasius and of a contempary reflection on the writings by Baxter Kruger called "The Undoing of Adam". I believe something far greater took place in the covenant of life between God and His son than most, that the death of Christ was not just placing a gold ring out their on this merry go round life for the fortunate few to grab, but it was the radical statement of a Prodigal Father who will not rest to all his children are reconciled to Him. Its a fit and glorious ending to the love story between our Trinitarian God and his Lost children of Adam. "See you in another life, brutha"

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