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Sunday, November 11, 2012

1600th Post

I started this blog in August of 2008 after returning from my 40 High School reunion and I have posted pretty much a thought or reflection each day. About 30000 plus hits, which means 20 to 40 folks a day. I find myself enjoying this and forgetting to put things on facebook, I should try both, and as one friend reminded me, blogs came, made a splash and are drifting off into the horizon of old news.

I love sharing a picture and a thought.

Can't believe how quickly this year has gone, just a few fast weeks to 2013 and in March a 10 Anniversary of moving to Sun Lakes.

This summer we had back to our beloved south for a visit to MS,AL and FL panhandle and hopefully to see some sisters and relatives.

Living with advancing heart disease is strange, I find myself trying to get ready for a sudden exit on somedays, and hoping for many more years on others. The part that is in my hands, diet and exercise and stress reduction I work on daily, the other part, I think about in both sadness and resignation, which had I more faith, would be anticipation of the next stage of the journey.

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